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About Me



Hi there! I'm Miami Cookie Chick, and I wanted to share with you the story of how my cookie business came to be. It all started in my home kitchen, where I've been passionate about baking since I was a young girl. As a mom, I loved making special treats for my daughter and her friends. However, as my daughter grew older and became less involved in extracurricular activities, I decided to start learning new things on my bucket list. One of those things was cake decorating.

I started with a beginner's class, and soon enough, I was attending classes more frequently and learning everything I could. My baked goods gained recognition among friends and family, and they encouraged me to start selling cakes. I didn't really have a plan for it, but when my friends asked if I was going to sell cakes, I said sure. Little by little, my cake business grew. Eventually, I started selling cookies and fell in love with cookie decorating.

For me, this cookie business is a labor of love. I've attended several cookie conventions, and I've seen my designs improve year after year. I find the creative aspect of custom cookie designs to be really motivating. When people ask me about my favorite flavors, I always say that my vanilla cake with buttercream, custom sugar cookies, and pumpkin bundt cake with cream cheese dip frosting during the fall are my go-to favorites.

Nowadays, I focus 90% of my business on custom cookie designs for events. Although I still create cakes, I keep them simple with fresh florals or fruit decor because my cookies require more time and attention to detail.

I am so grateful for all the continued business and referrals. My calendar usually fills up about six weeks in advance, and I'm always so happy when someone tells me how much they enjoyed what I made for them. That's what motivates me every day.

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